Montag, 17. Juni 2013

Spain vs. Urugay

Sunday morning, 6 am. After 5 hours “in bed”, without any additional mosquito bites, I started my computer to write my blog for Saturday. After this writing was finished in some minutes it took me more than 2 hours to upload the text to my blog. The internet connection even didn’t allow me to thank everyone who congratulated me too my birthday. But I for sure will still do that, latest when I am back home.

Thamy called me and we agreed to meet with Emi, a volunteer from Argentina, between 11:30-12:00 at the Shopping Recife. While I was waiting I asked at the Shopping how to get to the metro station. The answer was; take a bus pls, it’s too dangerous to walk there… Emi then joined me to the Arena, whereas we only went there at about 1pm. This time to the station Cosme e Damiao. Hundreds of busses were waiting at this station for the fans to be taken to the Arena Pernambuco. We stopped with our bus about 1 km away from the Arena, walking in sunshine with 30 degrees is not really advisable. However an hour later it was raining like hell, so what is better at the end…

As it was a match-day there were many more volunteers, which also meant that the entry procedure had to be revised. Well organized, fast, and we got 3 vouchers for water, 1 for cola and 1 for a meal. Upon arrival in the Volunteer Centre my team “Media Tribune” did perform a very nice Happy Birthday for me. A great welcome for this interesting day.

At about 2:25pm we arrived at the Media Centre, at which we got the information that a meeting was scheduled with the FMO’s (FIFA Media Officers) for 3:30pm. So the question was, can we eat, do we eat, when do we eat. At the end of the day I didn’t had any lunch or dinner. A very small negative point in a good day. Lesley and Brian informed us about our duties and especially also about out role during this match day. We got our SDA’s, which allowed us to stay at the Media Tribune during the game, as well as in all media areas.

Shortly after 4pm we went to the Media Tribune. Some fans were already in the Arena. Some journalists entered their area. But unfortunately there was no security yet, there were no STS’s (Spectator Service), and quite some people were looking at the Media Tribune for their place to sit. Whereas some of them had a seat at the other side of the Arena. How can that happen? Bad work at the entrance, insufficient signs, a mismatch on the tickets?

I was happy to meet 1 Swiss journalist, so I had the chance for a short Swiss talk. And during the game I could also talk to a Swiss female Broadcasting responsible from FIFA. By the way, after the game even Dutch photographer showed up!

The team “Media Tribune” did a real good job today, many compliments to my friends and especially to our Team-leader Silas, well done my friend!

After the game we had to wait till all media people left the tribune, after which we went to the Volunteer Room in the media centre. Nothing to do anymore for us. Many volunteers were sitting around for about 2 hours, doing nothing, most of them didn’t have a lunch or dinner, and everybody was really exhausted. At least Brian told us at 11:30pm that the Media volunteers did a very good job this day, and they were the only ones! And all Media volunteers performed a Happy Birthday again for me, many many thanks to all of U!

We went back again by car, Ronaldo waited for me at the Bus stop of the Shopping Recife to take me home at 1:30am in the night. Thanks once again my friend!

As I am going to visit a school on Monday morning I decided to still write my blog. Let’s hope that it didn’t take 2 hours again to upload it!

By the way, Spain did win, 2-1! And the atmosphere in the Arena was good. Interesting that quite some people arrived at the Arena up to 3 hours before the game started, and at least half of the fans left the Arena 5 minutes before the end of the game…

(I stopped trying to upload the text, 2:21am now…) (sorry, picture to follow..)

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