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Functions of a FIFA Volunteer





Accreditation is a crucial element to the event and is the backbone of security that controls access to any area that the Organizing Committee is responsible for. The accreditation department will provide personalized identifications cards (better known as Accreditation Cards) for all officials, teams, media representatives, volunteers, service providers and local co-workers. The accreditation is important as this is an optimal method to control access to our specific venues.
A volunteer in this department will greet persons who have applied at the accreditation center, and will be responsible for the production and issuing of the identity document. Volunteers will also assist in distributing daily passes and in the problem-solving section in the event of issues arising regarding persons seeking accreditation. With very few exceptions, accreditation volunteers work in specific, fixed locations near the stadium.


Volunteers will work as personal points of contact to guests and will be stationed at the airports. As a volunteer, you will be required to assist with the meeting and the greeting of guests at the different points of entry into Brazil. Volunteers will also be responsible for the Welcome and Information Desk at the airports and among your responsibilities will be the dissemination of information such as the transport routes, event schedules and general information, which will be shared at the venues.


As a Broadcasting Volunteer you will be requested to assist with guiding the broadcasters in the areas and on the IBC. The volunteers will also help with informing the broadcasters with relative information that would make the person’s experience more enjoyable.

As broadcasting volunteer you will be the face of your country in the eyes of the broadcasters form all over the world and you will get a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the TV productions and sporting world.


Catering is one of the most memorable aspects of any major event delivery and we have to get it right first time every time, every day of the tournament. As a volunteer working for the Catering department you will be the backbone of the catering structure on the stadium. You will be requested to support the catering operations and support the control of catering services into the event.


Volunteers working in competitions will assist during preparations to the match (one day before a match day) and the organizational meetings (morning of the match day). They will also help with the set-up of dressing rooms, technical areas and preparation of match materials.


As a doping volunteer your main objective is to help making the competition as fair as possible and also prevents players damaging their health. Identifying the selected players and escorting them to the doping control areas to realize the tests is your main obligation.


In raising environmental awareness to the football tournament spectators, environmental volunteers will be expected to be at key points to direct and assist spectators in disposing their waste products into demarcated containers. Volunteers will also be expected to have interest in environmental management and be able to inform spectators of the environmental management initiatives in the stadium precinct. They will oversee the implementation of the Environmental Program.


To volunteer for the Information Technology and Telecommunications, you will need to possess competency in computer literacy, and have knowledge of both computer hardware and Software applications (for example Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, etc.).
Among your duties will be support of IT hardware (desktop computers, laptops, copiers, printers, etc.), and the installation of software applications (for example, Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, etc.). You also possess minimum knowledge on the workings of telecommunications networks and/or equipment, for instance, cellular telephones, mobile networks, subscriber interface module (sim) cards, and so forth.


Volunteers within the Hospitality project will be responsible for supporting the hospitality team in the on-site implementation of the various hospitality programs. Volunteers will assist in the daily coordination, will also accompany guests from vehicles to the hospitality areas and assist with on-site preparations of the hospitality area.


These volunteers will play one of the most important support roles in the volunteer program. The volunteers will assist with planning, executing and controlling logistical processes required in managing the logistical elements of all functional areas.
Volunteers will be involved in all logistics processes. These volunteers will be assisting with general logistic requirements in both the LOC and Host City Volunteer Centers, as well as in specific venues such as the IBC.


The scope of your work as a marketing volunteer includes supporting the events in a variety of activities related to signage, branding, merchandise and commercial display areas, food and beverage kiosks/concessions, gift handling, official Mascot and Youth Program*. Monitoring and reporting of any branding, signage or advertising elements that do not comply with the event specification are also essential.


Every stadium will have a Stadium Media Centre (SMC). The SMC will be the "home" for thousands of journalists, photographers and broadcasters from across the globe. The media will depend on your help and services to be able to work and inform the whole world about the FIFA World Cup™ and Brazil.
As a media volunteer you will be the face of your country in the eyes of the journalist and you will get a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the media and sporting world.


As a medical volunteer will be provide support to the medical department when working with spectators. Not necessarily providing medical assistance to the public itself, the volunteers will be the backbone of the medical services in regarding to attending the public.


As a new media volunteer you will responsible to collect information on the mixed zone*, as interviews are being realized and prepare fact-finding notes to be used. You will also get a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the media and sporting world. Understanding the languages that will be provided on the interviews will be a mandatory requirement for this area.


The volunteers selected to work in this area will work on the opening and closing of the ceremonies of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ and ancillary events, in many functions. There will be dancers, support crew and people to organize the Event.


Protocol refers to the etiquette and support services which are provided to a designated dignitary*, as well as the manner in which official ceremonies and events will be organized.

Services to a dignitary include but are not limited to: reception at the airport or port of entry, reciprocal exchange of gifts, form of address, treatment with etiquette, movement during and between events, seating at events and provision of refreshments.
Their ability to speak Portuguese or any other foreign language such as English, French or Spanish, as well as their insight on hospitality and protocol will be an added advantage to making the guests feel welcome. The Protocol team will look to them to assist with welcoming, ushering and making the guests feel welcome in the country from their arrival until they depart.


You will assist with providing insight and education to a number of visitors and local communities who will form part of this great tournament on the importance of respecting the by-laws, the rights of others and co-operating with the law enforcement agencies. One of your main tasks would be to form part of the Rights Protection Program Team (RPP) who would look after the rights of the tournament’s commercial affiliates, broadcasters and organizers of the tournament.


As a Spectator Services Volunteer you act and perform a function in support of the overall security plan for the competition. Given the fact that the security functions are perceived as a cold function you as a spectator volunteer will be very friendly and kind, thus leaving a good impression with all spectators and participants that will be visiting the Stadium, Fan Parks, Public Viewing venues or any other official venues. You will also be request to assist with guiding the guests, spectators, or delegates to their area of seating or would assist the organizers with any other support they would require. The volunteers will also help with informing the guests, spectators, or delegates with relative information that would make the person’s experience more enjoyable.


Volunteers will be assigned to a wide range of interesting tasks throughout this transportation network. At shuttle service for our official guests from around the world, they will make an important contribution to the smooth running of the tournament. Wide-ranging support roles await volunteers working in our local travel co-ordination centers. Those with relevant experience will help maintain our vehicle fleet, or act as assistants to our professional transport managers. A handful of selected volunteers will provide a link between the professionals and the volunteer team as a whole.
A transport volunteer will be the first point of contact with delegates and spectators and are thus expected to be very friendly and kind thus leaving a good impression with our delegates.


There would be more than 1,000 volunteers per city and the primary task of this group of volunteers at each location is to support the Volunteer Coordinators in ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of the centers.
Volunteers in this functional area will be deployed at the centers, which will be open every day during the tournament.
The volunteer will amongst others:
· Provide uniforms and leisure facilities for volunteers at Volunteer Centers during the tournament
· Manage the centers during the tournament
· Operate the check in areas


It`s a program for children and adolescents who work at the opening ceremonies of the games as well as a ball boys. The volunteers in this program will help operationalize the same and the training necessary to help this people. Previous experience with children is a differential, but not required.


Dignitary - a person holding high office.

IBC - International Broadcast Centre - space for the radio and TV that have the right to broadcast the event.

Mixed Zone - separate area, where players are concentrated to give interviews to journalists

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